Do Wordpress Plugins Always Need To Be Updated 980x654

Do WordPress plugins always need to be updated?

Why is it that those tiny red notification bubbles indicating WordPress plugin updates are available freak us out so much? In my business, we have provided website maintenance services to thousands of WordPress websites. We stand firm on our stance to only update WordPress plugins when there is a significant security loophole to patch or […]
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Why Do Some Web Developers Hate Wordpress 980x654

Why do some web developers hate WordPress?

Let’s talk about the honest answer to why legitimate web developers hate WordPress. It may not technically be about WordPress itself but more about the stigma and headache surrounding the platform. The why. I have been working as a business owner and web developer since 2006, and I vividly remember in my education days this […]
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How do I create an HTML email template with Contact Form 7?

Contact form 7 is the most developer-friendly WordPress plugin for controlling and managing your WordPress website forms. By default, when you create a new web form, the user-submitted form contents are delivered to you via plainly formatted text or an HTML formatted email. So, what’s the problem? Well, Contact Form 7 leaves it up to […]
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