I am sure you have experienced the feeling of viewing a competitor’s website or Facebook page thinking to yourself that you are way behind in terms of the interactivity involving your web footprint.

You might think this other company has been in business a few years longer than yours, maybe even that this competitor has a designated web development and online marketing company or similar in their pocket.

It is a lot easier than you think to keep a well-maintained website that works for you and imprints on your visitors and prospects.

Let’s run through 2 helpful but essential areas to ensure your website leaves the right impression, allowing your website to perform more effectively.

Content. It’s a big deal.

First, ask yourself, does your website reflect 100% accurate information? Right now, if someone found your website and called you based on a description of a product or service, would you need to clarify that this particular item or service has changed?

Whether it be pricing, descriptions, or images, it is always a great practice to ensure your website reflects your business perfectly and leaves no room for questions.

Second, and not to sound harsh, but you must bring in new general content, news, and updates, monthly if possible. The days of setting up a website and leaving it all alone to do your heavy lifting are over. The excuse of being too busy or not having the resources to update your website adequately is not valid in today’s online world.

Your website is the face of your business and serves up a significant first impression. Keep your website fresh, alive, and kicking.

Blogging. Don’t let it hurt you.

Having a blog or a news section is just one of those must-haves these days — this can be anything you set out to update regularly.

The story typically begins when you first launch your website — you have an excellent blog and maybe a news or events section. You think great, I can update this, and my visitors and prospective customers will be well informed.

Reality hits, you realize it takes work to update your website regularly, and your shiny new blog is not your top priority; you post once every six months.

The problem here is that you would be amazed how many visitors jump over to the blog or news section of a website to get a sense of your current events and activity; when they see that your last post was July of 2019, they scratch their heads and move on.

Always keep your blog updated, or get rid of it all together.

Wrapping up.

What are some of the problems you struggle with when it comes to your website for your business?

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