Is web development a stressful career?

Working in the web development space can be very rewarding, though, can also be very stressful — let’s not forget, throw you into the realm of self-isolation.

Trust me.

Assuming you are passionate about what you are doing, there is nothing better than listening to some killer music and getting lost in your development production.

Is Web Development A Stressful Career?

Yes and no. It is vital to maintain confidence in your specific field and your ability to adapt and produce.

If working under a company, you will need to meet the demands of ongoing, consistent work, which can sometimes feel like your performance is constantly under a microscope.

If working independently as a freelancer, you will need to craft your personality traits to sustain control and objectivity between your relationship with clients, which can be very difficult and stressful depending on your specific client.

Is Web Development Enjoyable?

Your fulfillment in the web development space will depend on what development aspects you find the most stimulating. For example, fixing issues and providing maintenance, configuring a new build framework, seeing the primary interfaces come to life, etc., are all very fun and give me satisfaction.

On the other hand, data entry, content manipulation, and administrative configurations bore the hell out of me but come with the territory.

Let me tell you, there is no better feeling of self-worth than when you have a client who seeks you out, trusts you based on your communication and expertise, and is pleased with your work outcome. Better yet, if they retain you, becoming a long-term recurring client.

Too Much Screen Time!

I have found that web development can be an incredibly lonely space — you are, in-fact, staring into a screen for the vast majority of your time, occasionally communicating via email or phone.

Having sustainable interactions with other developers in a community sense or with potential prospects is something that I have now found invaluable since being in the space since 2006.

My take, don’t get sucked in working alone on your ideas even though it’s super easy to do so. Instead, get involved with the web development community, contribute, receive, and engage with folks on the receiving end of web development. Doing so will ensure that you have leads coming in and your day-to-day work doesn’t become stagnant.

Just my 2 cents.

Are you a web designer, developer, or work in the web or online marketing field?

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