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  • Are there contracts associated with my service?

    Your service plan is where our relationship begins. We work with you, grow with you, and continue to learn your business while your plan is active. No contracts, no strings.

  • What is the next step after I purchase my service plan(s)?

    All of our monthly plans are crafted based on your specific requirements and selections. After you create your plan successfully you will receive confirmation and we will reach out directly to acquire specific access details needed to work with your website(s).

  • What type of website changes can I request?

    A specific service request is applicable to a single designated area or page of your website. How about an example? Let's say you need a few images updated on one of your pages - simply e-mail them to us, we will review, confirm and schedule in your updates as a single service request. In some cases, if a service request exceeds your plan capabilities we will supply you with options and the additional charges that would be required to fulfill the request.

  • How long does it take to update my website?

    Fast, efficient service is what we are known for. In most cases basic updates will be completed and available online within only a few hours of your request.

  • Is web hosting and domain support included in my plan?

    When it comes to help, advice, and assistance with your existing web hosting account - yes, web hosting and domain support are included with our service plans. In many cases our customers already have web hosting service and eventually wish to utilize managed web hosting service through us to keep all of their web services in one basket - in this event we do offer cPanel hosting services on a yearly basis as an add-on to your maintenance service plan.

  • What if I want new features like design and development?

    We encourage special functionality at any time, pre or post development. Since all special functionality is tailored to your specific requirements, we will offer options based on the most efficient route to achieve the end-goal by balancing your needs with special pricing.


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