Website Review Services – Why You Should Consider A Website Audit

What is a website review?

SEO Analysis
Multi-point Search Engine Optimization audit to determine the true footprint of your website from the perspective of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Design Review
Proper website design is much more than what is viewable on the surface. We evaluate the efficiency of your website based on style, consistency, and purpose.

Technical Transparency
We examine the inner-workings of your website functionality, from a technical and end-user perspective to discover errors, flow, and validity.

Who Needs a Bluegrades Report?
Bluegrades provides transparency and control directly to anyone who owns, operates, or uses a website. Our reports are backed by 11+ years of successful web development experience and will give you a blend of technical and practical information to better advance your web efforts.

Knowledge is power. Our developers review your website and provide you with personalized, unbiased insight to help you improve your presence. Bluegrades reviews are $25 and based on factors including design, SEO, safety, usability and more. Learn more at

Mike Danna has maintained sole ownership of Vessio for more than 12 years actively leading advanced services and communications for our clients. Want to work with us? View our pricing.

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