Website Mistakes - 4 Reasons Visitors Are Running Away From Your Website


You have your website all geared up and are finally seeing your traffic numbers climb. You look further into your analytics and see that your bounce rate (the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page) is 95%. Let's have a look at 4 major areas of your website that could cause your visitors to run away rather than engage with your website.

Bad Website Design And/Or Development
This is obvious, if your website sucks, is outdated, or is just not that "great", it is time to re-think the design/development of your website. When it comes to your website, in most cases this is the face of your business, this is your brand - this is not the time to cut corners and be "ok" with a poor website.

Clarity In Initial Message/Headline
Be clear and be transparent. Remember, not everyone understands your business concept like you do. Often times, website owners will go crazy thinking of overly clever and gimmicky headlines. All this does is confuse your users, give a clear initial message with a simple headline of what you do and a sub-headline of how you do it.

The Mobile Version Of Your Website Is A Mess
It's 2020, there are more mobile users than desktop/computer based users. Your website needs to be attractive and appeal to the quick minded nature of the casual mobile visitor. Remember, there is a buying process, you don't have to sell the whole kitchen sink on the opening page of your website. Rather, make it a point to try to engage your visitor, somehow someway - they will be back.

Website Load Speed
This one is simple but can be tricky to fix. Your website should load fast, elements if not your full page should be viewable within 2.5 seconds or less. We can guarantee that if your website is spinning for longer than 3 or so seconds, most visitors will have already abandoned your website. Need help with making your website faster, we are happy to help.


We Are Proud Website Sponsors For Reach For Kids!


This is a quick mention for the great people that run Reach For Kids. We recently have had the pleasure to team up and offer our website maintenance services for this organization.

Reach For Kids is a resource guide for parents with special needs kids in the Greater Houston area. Their goal is to help provide resources and information to parents that address a wide range of needs and disabilities.

On a more personal note, I have a daughter with special needs and know that the culture surrounding attending therapy, managing different medical specialist, and seeking positive direction is very challenging.

I encourage any parents with similar circumstances to check out the fantastic resources that Reach For Kids has listed on their website.

Customer Spotlight - Lois Gibson Forensic Artist


We like to highlight the great folks who allow us to do what we do on a day to day basis. This customer spotlight is dedicated to Lois Gibson, an extraordinary Forensic Artist.

We have had the pleasure of implementing (website maintenance and web design/development services) with Lois over the years and her work and the stories that surround her craft is simply short of amazing.

Does the name ring a bell? Who Lois Gibson?
Lois Gibson is recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records as "The World's Most Successful Forensic Artist." Her sketches have helped law enforcement identify more than 751 criminals. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors and the FBI Academy Forensic Artist Course.

She teaches this profession at The Institute of Forensic Art in Houston, Texas. Her focus is to help as many artists as possible to become forensic art professionals before she retires. Her unique five-day class gives students everything they need to enter the forensic art profession.

We encourage you to explore her work.

Why You Are Getting Clicks From Other Countries – Adwords


We just wanted to give a quick mention about target locations within Adwords. Adwords can be complicated and there is one specific setting that can make or break your campaign as well as cost you unwanted click spends during the duration of your ad.

So, you set your target location, you setup your ad, your budget and your campaign is cruising along. While you are monitoring your paid traffic you are noticing that almost ALL of your clicks are from a different country that was not specified (ie, Inda, Russia, etc.). Why is this?

Well, most likely you forgot one critical setting. Here is how to ensure you avoid this misstep.

Under campaign settings, expand the Location tab. Then expand Location Options. Here you want to ensure that you select. "People in your targeted locations" instead of "People in, or who show interest in, your targeted locations".

This will restrict those in other countries from searching, finding, and clicking your ads which can eat up your budget.

The Truth About Using A Sitebuilder Service such as Wix, Weebly or Squarespace


You have come to terms with the fact that your new project, service or business needs a new site. You are pumped, you are eager to get started, you have visions of people using your site and all the success it will bring. Then you realize you have no clue how much you should spend on getting your site developed.

Site builder platforms like Wix, Squarepace, and Weebly look great at first glance. The pricing seems good, the showcase of designs look extraordinary and you figure this will be perfect for your new site.

I am not here to bash, but I am here to let you know that these services are not all what they are cracked out to be. I do not want to say they are a trend or fad, however can say with certainly that we more often than not are contacted to come to the rescue to rebuild websites away from these platforms. Here is why:

Price and Time Traps
Believe it or not, it still takes work to make these website look awesome and you better be ready to put the time to learn the ropes or shell out some additional cash to make this happen.

The After Affect
You make it past the design phase, and your new site is launched. Did you do it right? Are their pre-defined SEO tools enough to make you stand out from the crowd? The process was easy, do you really feel like it should be this easy to have a killer site that outshines your competitors?

Limitations and Growth
So you are ok with all of the above, all systems are a "go" and you are happy with your new website as well as how it performs. You have decided that you want to add some cool features or advanced functionality to your site, you might even be thinking about contracting out to have someone else handle the maintenance to your site. This is usually where we are forced to step in, sites built on these builder platforms are not only confined to their web hosting but are also confined to the functionality that is predefined within their site builder software.

In most situations the end result of the site builder saga (after 3 or 4 months) entails a rebuild of the website on a self-hosting / stand-alone or custom platform to achieve the freedom one would typically want with any website. Our advice, skip the builders, properly establish a budget, and engage in a proper site discovery process with a developer/designer who you can consult with to achieve your vision from the start.

Should I Create A New Website?


A common question for our new customers and friendly prospects is “can we create a new website?” another one is “do we need a new website?”. This is personally one of my favorite inquires as it opens several doors to enhance your web presence.

First, I’ll just get right to the point and say that yes we can create a new website, and yes it is certainly going to be affordable for you.

Websites in their early years were pricey and fairly permanent which was 100% ok as the internet was new and still in discovery. These days, creating a new website is a fun and great way to leverage your business, brand, and marketing.

When To Create A New Website
Generally speaking, if your website is more than a few years old, has not been updated in months/years, or has been significantly compromised – starting from scratch is by far the best option. We always like to provide this option to our customers as in most cases your old website contains the needed structure and base contents to provide us an efficient route to design a new website for you.

Landing Pages
Sometimes, a brand new website is not needed. Perhaps you simply want to expand your reach for a specific service or product – in this scenario we would recommend designing a landing page for you. Landing pages can be viewed as a small, targeted website and are excellent ways to obtain new traffic in your local area or simply to zone in on a specific part of your business.

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