As a small business owner new or established, if you have a website I am sure you have experienced the feeling of viewing a competitors website or Facebook page thinking to yourself that you are WAY behind. Perhaps, you’re thinking these guys have been in business a few years longer or maybe even that this competitor has a designated “web guy” or similar. I mean somebody has to be in charge if keeping their website so slick right? Truth be told, it is a lot easier than you think to keep a well maintained site.

Let’s run through 2 helpful but important areas to ensure your website leaves the right impression.

Content. Content. Content.
Does your website reflect 100% accurate information? Right now if someone found your website and called you based on a description of a product or service, would you need to clarify that this particular item or service has changed? Whether it be pricing, descriptions, or images – it is great practice to always ensure your website reflects your business perfectly and leaves no room for questions.

Blogging. Don’t let it hurt you.
Having a blog or a news section is just one of those “must haves” these days – this can be anything that you set out to update on a regular basis. The story typically begins when you first launch your website – you have an awesome blog and maybe a news or events section. You think great, I can update this and my prospective customers will be well informed. Then reality hits, your shiny new blog is not your top priority and you post once every 3 months. The problem here is simply that many prospects do in fact jump over to the blog or news section of a website to get a sense of your current events, when they see that your last post was July of 2012 they scratch their chin. Always keep your blog updated, or simply do without.