Error messages, what are they and what can be done about them? It is a common occurrence that you have experienced more often than you would like. Now, it has happened to your website.

So, what are website error messages?
Website error messages commonly referred to as “HTTP errors” are messages instructed by either the website, browser, or web hosting server to let the viewer know that there is a problem.

Let’s run through two of the most common HTTP errors and what can possibly be done to get around the issue –

The webpage cannot be found (HTTP 404)
You will receive this message when the information you have arrived to see has either moved or perhaps was deleted. The best course of action with a 404 message is to ensure your address is correct and double check that the website has not moved the content, if there is a search box use it!

The website cannot display the page (HTTP 500)
Users tend to be a bit out of luck with this error, the 500 message means that there is a technical issue with the website or web hosting server. The best advice here is to simply wait a few minutes and try again.