We offer several different services as add-ons to our maintenance plans, one of these services is AdWords management. Just like everything we do in the web space we like to abide strictly to the “Keep It Simple!” mindset. AdWords for lack of better words is intimidating to say the least, you are letting Google auto bill your credit card, you are paying for each and every click, as well as are trying to digest the complex dashboard of the AdWords system.

While all of the above is true, there are definitely only a handful of true tips and tricks to get the AdWords machine working for you.

For example, below is a basic break down of good and bad AdWords ad:

The general science in a well made AdWords ad

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Checklist for a proper AdWords campaign would include:

1. Answer a need (the more specific the better)
2. Entice with a call to action
3. Have your landing page fill in the gaps as well as funnel the visitor via web form or contact method.

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Once the concept is active and optimized, it is then good to practice and duplicate the campaign scenario across other service areas of your business. This of course applies to the very modest campaign, perhaps for the local business who just wants a steady flow of weekly phone calls while maintaining an advertising expense of roughly $400.00 monthly. Feel free to touch base if you would like to chat about using AdWords for your site, we’re always happy to chat and share our advise where we can.