A common question for our new customers and friendly prospects is “can we create a new website?” another one is “do we need a new website?”. This is personally one of my favorite inquires as it opens several doors to enhance your web presence.

First, I’ll just get right to the point and say that yes we can create a new website, and yes it is certainly going to be affordable for you.

Websites in their early years were pricey and fairly permanent which was 100% ok as the internet was new and still in discovery. These days, creating a new website is a fun and great way to leverage your business, brand, and marketing.

When To Create A New Website
Generally speaking, if your website is more than a few years old, has not been updated in months/years, or has been significantly compromised – starting from scratch is by far the best option. We always like to provide this option to our customers as in most cases your old website contains the needed structure and base contents to provide us an efficient route to design a new website for you.

Landing Pages
Sometimes, a brand new website is not needed. Perhaps you simply want to expand your reach for a specific service or product – in this scenario we would recommend designing a landing page for you. Landing pages can be viewed as a small, targeted website and are excellent ways to obtain new traffic in your local area or simply to zone in on a specific part of your business.