We have been in this business since 2006 and let me tell you, we have seen it all - from shady third-party service providers to the "we do it all for you" service providers. We will be the first to say, adequate website services are not free. Just like any other honest service provider will point out, efforts and expertise cost more than Monopoly money. We have learned over time that being transparent with our pricing and what to expect loses many first time customers, but much of the time, we always end up working with those customers the second time around.

Let’s run through a brief overview of our service as a whole, what is required on your end, and what happens after you begin your website maintenance service with us.

Okay, I have signed up, now what?
First, congrats! Now, you will be provided with your very own personal contact – you can call, e-mail, send a list of updates for your website, ask advice, and just about anything else web related. The goal is for us to remain on your team and manage your web presence, this saves our customers from having to retain a “web guy” or pay expensive fees to a specialized web development company.

Is this a do it yourself or website builder type of service?
No. We are real people located in Texas who just so happen to have a ton of experience in web development. Our plans keep us at arms reach and allow us to provide customized task and development related website management services based on your specific requirements.

Let’s talk coverage, what is included and not included?
Call it crazy, we call it proficient, our customers are surprised at what our service actually covers. Let’s say for example you have a WordPress website customized from your previous web guy, the original template is broken in some areas, you need to reformat page content, change menu items, and change up the overall style of the site – we have you covered. We will also review all task related requests to ensure the most efficient results can be obtained.

When will you need special pricing?
If you need special development for example a web store, advanced functionality, or even a brand new website. In this case, we will provide you pricing to accommodate your request or an alternate method all together which may meet your needs and budget a bit better. Remember, we want to keep your business not send you running for the hills over outrageous fees.