The possibilities are endless when trying to think up the many ways we can help you with your website. Perhaps you just need to maintain access to a professional website developer to be used for tech/web support, even the occasional outside consult to answer those nagging web related questions you have accumulated over the months and years.

Regardless of what you need us for, we are here for you.

Below are some of the more common areas we help serve our customers which are covered across all of our website service plans.

Making changes to an email newsletter layout.
Traffic statistics and visitor information. (you must request this area prior to use as we must setup your website tracking)
Search engine optimization & consulting.
Adding, changing or removing images.
Resizing your images or minor editing.
Moving, changing, adding, or deleting web links.
Embedding, changing or removing videos.
Website layout adjustments, formatting and style enhancements.
Replacing or changing logos provided by you to your website.
Updating contact information or other text on your website.
Updating your meta keywords, page titles, or descriptions to enhance your search engine listings.
Generating a sitemap for search engines to more easily navigate your site.
Updating buttons, pricing, or quantities of inventory items to your shopping cart software.

If you have questions about our services and/or getting started we would love to chat or connect via phone to help you determine if our services are right for you.