We just wanted to give a quick mention about target locations within Adwords. Adwords can be complicated and there is one specific setting that can make or break your campaign as well as cost you unwanted click spends during the duration of your ad.

So, you set your target location, you setup your ad, your budget and your campaign is cruising along. While you are monitoring your paid traffic you are noticing that almost ALL of your clicks are from a different country that was not specified (ie, Inda, Russia, etc.). Why is this?

Well, most likely you forgot one critical setting. Here is how to ensure you avoid this misstep.

Under campaign settings, expand the Location tab. Then expand Location Options. Here you want to ensure that you select. "People in your targeted locations" instead of "People in, or who show interest in, your targeted locations".

This will restrict those in other countries from searching, finding, and clicking your ads which can eat up your budget.