Why is it that those little red notification bubbles indicating plugin updates are available bother us so much?

Well, for us, they don't. we only update when there is a major security loophole to patch or it will bring further enhancements to the website.

Here's why.
Aside from scaring the pants off of website owners. These little plugin updates make you feel as if MASSIVE updates/repairs are needed for your website. This is not the case, in most cases plugin updates across the board are a sure fire way to jack up your website making it unusable.

What are plugins?
The first question is what is WordPress? WordPress is an open source platform to build websites on. As for plugins, these are third party convenience modules to extent functionality.

So, when your website plugins need updating, the biggest question to ask is - will this be compatible with my current website theme and installation of WordPress? If you can not answer this question, please reach out to us.

Much of the time, you are safe to update, however when you have 10+ plugin updates to apply, we would recommend using caution before blindly updating said plugins.