Your website is not always online. Here are a few benefits of knowing when your website is offline and a solution for free website uptime monitoring.

Transparency and action.

When your website goes offline, in most cases, you need to do something about it, such as contact your web hosting provider or website maintenance service provider.

Peace of mind.

Having active website monitoring in place will let you relax and know that your website is online and doing its job.

Stability and conversions.

When you know how often your website is down, this lets you quickly address the problem and restore the accessibility of your website. Consider this; a moderate-sized e-commerce site can have 20 to 50 users browsing the website at any given time – if your website goes offline, even for 5 minutes, those potential buyers are gone.

Evaluate your hosting service.

If your website is going offline more than a handful of times within a month, it might be time to bump up your $5.99/m web hosting plan to an adequate plan in terms of resources and reliability.

How to get instant notifications when your website goes offline?

Notified is a nifty subscription notification service, created by Vessio that is always online and always 100% free.

How does subscribing to Notified work?

Subscribing to Notified is incredibly straightforward; let’s walk through the process for those that may not be so technically inclined (that was a joke).

  • Step #1 – Visit Notified and take a few seconds to breeze through the homepage.
  • Step #2 – Enter your e-mail address and website URL.
  • Step #3 – Press the “subscribe” button.

There are no accounts to manage, no apps, and no profiles, just simple e-mail notifications informing you when your website is offline and when your website is back up and running. The purpose of Notified is to keep you in the loop.

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