Lead acquisition for any website involves a blend of forethought as well as user-phycology. You need to see your website through your visitor’s eyes and serve up a viable contact method that requires the bare minimum amount of commitment.

For example, this is why newsletter subscriptions are one of the single most overused acquisition methods on the web; they are overused to the point that they are no longer as effective as they were in the past.

Let’s run through a unique website lead acquisition method that is not overused, which should move you in the right direction. This approach will use a standard contact form, an e-mail address autoresponder, and some clever writing.

Simple Web Form With E-mail Autoresponder

Utilize a straightforward web form that prompts the user to fill out only their name and e-mail address. Once the web form is submitted, this should automatically create a customized, personalized e-mail auto-response tailored to request a more detailed explanation of the visitor’s requirements and prompt the visitor to schedule a consultation, call-back, or follow-up relating to your service.

Web Form Placement

Your website form, in this case, should be incredibly accessible and only present within your website’s actionable landing areas, helping the visitor feel comfortable reaching out by supplying a hassle-free outlet to initiate contact.

This practice quickly engages the visitor without significant commitment and has proven to be quite effective in my experience for service-based businesses.

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