Let’s dive into what a website review is all about, why you may need one, the benefits, and what you can gain from requesting your website to be reviewed by a professional.

Knowledge is power. Requesting a personalized website review will give you a clear window into your website’s existing and future status to determine where you stand in your space for cost efficiency, competitive edge, search engine optimization, website validity, and website compliance.

What is the purpose of a website review?

A website review provides transparency directly to anyone who owns, operates, or uses a website and will provide a blend of technical and practical information to better advance your web efforts.

  1. Validate work performed by ensuring recent work provided on your website was executed correctly and is functioning correctly.
  2. Gain technical perspective and think outside of the box with simple advice to help you make better choices for your website.
  3. Relevancy. Let’s face it, half of the websites online are out-dated. Regular website reviews help keep your site current by offering improvement solutions.

What information will you receive from a professional website review?

Website reviews are personally written based on factors specific to your website or business. The evaluation areas that make up your website review are specific to your website and typically include optimization, speed, SEO, design, compliance, and relevancy.

In general, you should expect the following:

  • SEO Analysis
  • Multi-point Search Engine Optimization audit to determine your website’s actual footprint from the perspective of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Website Design Review
  • Proper website design is much more than what is viewable on the surface. Website evaluations follow style, consistency, purpose, and user-intent guidelines.
  • Technical Transparency
  • Examine your website functionality’s inner-workings from a technical and end-user perspective to discover errors, flow, and validity.

Who needs a website review?

If you own or operate a website, you will benefit from a professional website review.

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