Let’s talk about the honest answer to why legitimate web developers hate WordPress. It may not technically be about WordPress itself but more about the stigma and headache surrounding the platform.

The why.

I have been working as a business owner and web developer since 2006, and I vividly remember in my education days this little open source project called WordPress in 2003 when it was released.

I do not dislike WordPress because it is inefficient; I dislike WordPress due to its culture and cult following. Additionally, the insanely wide use of WordPress has drastically created a new standard which I believe to be inadequate, resulting in skewed client expectations in the development space.

Lastly, cleaning up the chaotic mess made by the average novice “web developer” often hired at below industry standard rates to produce a shell of a website riddled with plugins and functionality conflicts gives me a killer headache.

The real problem with WordPress.

The truth is WordPress has evolved into something more than a CMS platform.

Here is a fact, anyone interested in the web, owns a computer, and has internet access truly believes themselves to be a fluent web developer after watching a few “how-to” YouTube videos and buying a cheap GoDaddy shared hosting plan.

Now, I am sure I will piss a few newcomers off here. However, my humble yet confident opinion is that a person’s ability to understand WordPress and navigate a cPanel hosting server does not earn them the web developer’s title.

Wrapping up.

WordPress is an intelligent system with a wide range and practical use on the web when appropriately utilized. My grievance with WordPress is that the user, in this case, the “entry level developers”, usually do not know a lick of code or understand web compliance. This is the atmosphere that WordPress has created.

I am sure some developers can relate, I would love to hear your feedback.

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